Through the Looking Glass: Psychedelic Integration Support Group


Apr 06 2023


6:00 pm - 7:15 pm


Spark Center
Sacramento, CA 95811



Group meets monthly every 1st & 3rd Thursday.

START DATE March 16, 2023

Pre-group screening is required to determine needs and promote group cohesion.

Participation may involve…

⚫ Processing and making meaning of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that arise during altered states of consciousness

⚫ Reflecting on shifts in openness, spirituality, and motivation that may lead to new perspectives on life, values, relationships, as well as changing addictive behavior, healing from trauma, or alleviating depression

⚫ Engaging with a like-minded community and achieving a deeper understanding of self via the contribution of shared experiences

⚫ Heightening curiosity about so-called negative experiences to make room for interpretations that offer greater acceptance, self-compassion, and peace

⚫ Accepting empathic, validating input around both common/unique experiences to support understanding (and sometimes reframing) of outcomes

⚫ Applying psychoeducation to clarify the history and misconceptions surrounding psychedelics, including recognizing both their potential benefits and limitations

⚫ Implementing harm reduction techniques and exploring alternatives to psychedelics (e.g., yoga, meditation, sound healing, and other activities) for achieving similar states of mind

DISCLAIMER: Spark Center does not provide psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs during group sessions. We allow participation only to those who appear to be in an unaltered state (not intoxicated). Integration is most effective when you process your experiences with a grounded mind. We do not provide referrals to illegal psychedelic services, in accordance with current laws.

If you are in need of after-hours or emergency psychedelic support resources, please contact the following:

The Psychedelic Peer Support Line provides emotional support during and after psychedelic experiences.
Call or text 62-FIRESIDE

Provides mental health resources, crisis support, psychedelic integration, and psychedelic support.

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Lupe Rodriguez LCSW


Lupe Rodriguez LCSW

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