Our Fees

Session Fees & Licensed Providers 

What’s the cost of not doing this?

How frequently we meet following your initial session will depend on your current circumstances and goals as well as your budget, intensity, and need for emotional support. In general, clients achieve more enduring and meaningful changes when they establish a consistent emotional rhythm in weekly sessions, which provides the following:


  • Structure & momentum to accomplish changes at a steady pace
  • Continuity & time to process & integrate what happens session to session
  • Safety to explore emotionally provocative life circumstances
  • Ample support to practice coping skills & stay grounded
  • Opportunities to transfer new knowledge & skills to everyday life
  • Space to experiment with new behavior at home, work, & in relationships

Intake Interview & Feedback (90 minutes)………………………………………..$200

Individual Psychotherapy Session (50-80 minutes)…………………..$150-175

Couple/Family Psychotherapy Session (50-80 minutes)……………$175-200

Child Therapy & Parenting Support (50-80 minutes)…………………$175-200

Life Coaching & Behavior/Values Analysis (50-80 minutes)……….$150-175

Group Therapy & Facilitated Support Groups (90 minutes)…………..$40-75

If weekly meetings aren’t affordable, we encourage you to explore creative scheduling accommodations to keep you within your budget and still benefit from reliable services provided by our licensed team members. Feel free to ask!

Reduced Fees & Pre-Licensed Providers

If consistent therapeutic support feels beyond your reach financially, we encourage you to explore the opportunity to work with a Spark therapist who is completing training toward licensure in social work, marriage and family therapy, or clinical psychology.

All of our pre-licensed providers accept reduced fees for a reasonably limited number of sessions in cases of financial hardship. Monthly income balanced with present requirements for support will determine eligibility and cost. Therapists-in-training are informed of the latest, most effective, empirically validated therapy approaches and motivated to introduce clients to a wide-ranging spectrum of appropriate interventions.

Working with a therapist-in-training can be a unique and valuable opportunity to receive comprehensive team support. Pre-licensed professionals receive intensive supervision, support, and input from Spark’s highly competent, licensed clinicians who will review and influence many aspects of your self-development experience.

For all of our clients, Spark’s collaborative approach means you’ll benefit from your therapist’s consultation with other experienced team members on how to provide the most effective support to you.

Payment Methods

Spark Center accepts cash, check, or debit/credit card via our online payment portal, Affinipay. In some cases, there may be transaction fees associated with your payment.

Insurance & HSAs

Spark Center prioritizes your privacy and strives to keep the payment process simple. Like most private practices, we are an out-of-network provider and generally do not accept insurance payments directly. Most clients receive between 50-80% reimbursement of the allowable cost of their sessions from their PPO, after their deductible is met.

We understand that insurance might be an important consideration for you and strongly encourage you to take the following steps as soon as possible before your first appointment:

How much will I be reimbursed for out-of-network services?

What deductible must I reach before coverage “kicks in”?

How do I conveniently submit claims?

Our statements of service, invoices, and superbills are easy to read and readily available, so you can submit them to your insurance provider for reimbursement after each appointment (or whatever schedule is convenient for you).

If you need assistance, we’ll walk you through the process!

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