Couples Therapy

  • Are you and your partner struggling to communicate without arguing?
  • Have you gotten stuck in a painful pattern and can’t move beyond it?
  • Are you missing intimacy and connection in your relationship?
  • Have past mistakes or infidelity undermined trust between you and your partner?
  • Do you feel unsupported or dismissed by your partner?

You aren’t alone. If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to start couples counseling, it probably is. All too often, couples wait until they’re past the breaking point before they reach out for help.

You—like all human beings—are wired to want and depend on secure, supportive relationships. Even in ideal circumstances, building a strong, connected partnership can be exceptionally challenging. If you’re struggling to reconcile your hopes for closeness with the painful realities of disconnection or intensifying conflict, it’s not unusual to feel unmoored and overwhelmed. As negative interactions escalate, you and your partner probably are feeling increasingly worried, alone, frustrated, confused, and hopeless.

Relationships today are complicated by many factors:  work demands and financial stress, parenting and family obligations, social isolation, as well as developmental transitions (e.g., after the “honeymoon” wears off, moving in together, pregnancy and birth of a child, empty nest, caring for aging parents, career changes, etc.). Unavoidably, relationships become strained as partners confront these ups and downs in their lives and evolve as individuals. In reaction to these difficulties, many couples become disengaged from and disillusioned by each other. It takes work to stay on the same page while making room for each other’s unique needs and goals.

Couple therapy is definitely worth the time, expense, and discomfort! According to nationally renowned researcher, author, and therapist, Dr. John Gottman, individuals who develop and maintain healthy relationships:

  1. Live longer;
  2. Have more responsive immune systems;
  3. Are less likely to act violently toward themselves or others;
  4. Experience 35% less illness; and
  5. Report fewer emotional or mental health issues.

We’re confident that we can help you restore your relationship as a secure base, safehaven, and a source of comfort under stress.  We are here to support all couples:  married or unmarried; gay or straight; in need of fine-tuning or at the brink of breakup.

We can help you achieve meaningful and enduring change by…

  • Understanding your part in the patterns that are stifling your relationship growth
  • Moving beyond past disappointments and rebuilding trust, intimacy, and passion
  • Communicating more skillfully, vulnerably, and empathically
  • Reducing conflict and working out differences peacefully and respectfully
  • Exploring your unique relationship histories to better understand each other