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Look Inside Yourself

A vision board can be a fun, creative way to keep your goals present in your mind on a daily basis and inspire movement toward achieving them. Life Coach & Behavior Analyst Marlene Rose will help you take the first steps in this 3-hour workshop. All supplies will be provided. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

Youth Grief Support Group

Our Elk Grove community partner, Together We Heal Community, has invited Spark Center to collaborate along with Affinity Community Counseling to provide FREE support to teens who are grieving following the loss of a loved one. We’re eager to lend the expertise of our team member, Elisa Louizos, LCSW, who will be co-facilitating this group with colleague, Crystal Jones. This group promises to fill up fast, so please reserve your spot today by calling (916) 837-6150.

Live Your Best Life

Dr. Takla’s 10-week workshop will focus on reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as supporting your teen’s self-development in the areas of distress and frustration tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and learning how to adapt more effectively to life’s ups and downs. Screening interviews will be required in order to determine needs and appropriateness for participation.

Loving Too Much?

Spark Center’s Attachment Specialist & Couples Therapist Extraordinaire, La Tanya Takla, EdD, LMFT (49566), LPCC (247) will be leading a women’s group aimed at exploring and overcoming challenging relationships and codependency.

In My Feelings

An ongoing, weekly group for exploring the role of emotions and how they are uniquely expressed, understood, and interpreted for African American women.

Start Thriving

An ongoing, weekly group ideal for adults who are struggling with anxiety and/or depression and looking to supplement individual therapy or self-help efforts with a safe space to strengthen coping skills, improve a sense of belonging, and learn to take greater emotional risks by connecting with others who share similar experiences.

From Rookie to MVP

An ongoing, weekly group that explores the rewarding and challenging journey of becoming a new mother that can feel overwhelming and isolating at times. This group aims to deepen your awareness of your own emotional experience and practicing self-care to strengthen your ability to attune to your baby and promote healthy development. We’ll help you hone the skills you need to take better care of yourself and your family. Feeling more comfortable as a new mom will help give your baby a good start in life! Led by attachment specialist, Tara Lindahl, PsyD.

Retrain Your Brain

This workshop, led by life coach and behavior analyst, Marlene Rose, was developed to help you leave behind the thinking patterns that negatively affect your mood and behavior, interfere with positive outcomes in relationships, contribute to conflict and misunderstanding, undermine confidence, and dampen creativity and authenticity.

Walk A Mile in My Shoes

A discussion group facilitated by Community Outreach Coordinator, Travis Nelson, MS and developed for African American men who would like to explore their struggles and successes and learn how to cope and respond more skillfully to stressors related to work, (co)parenting, relationships, & racial trauma.

Adoptees-Only Support Group

Spark Center is proud to host PACER’s drop-in, peer-facilitated support group—led by adoptee Jim Dunn and first/birth mother, Linda Orozco—which offers a safe and confidential community where individuals living with an adoption experience (including first/birth families, adoptees, and adoptive families) can come together to share, be heard, and learn from one another.

Come As You Are

A therapy group that explores addictions, substance dependence, overeating, overspending, gambling, & emotional numbing led by addiction expert Lupe Rodriguez, LCSW. This group’s harm reduction approach to treating addiction and compulsions aims to reinforce positive change in people’s lives, no matter how small or incremental that change may be.

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