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A lot of us experience distress associated with anxious thinking patterns that lead to avoidance, constant reassurance-seeking, and overanalyzing—behaviors that only provide temporary relief from discomfort. These approaches aren’t adaptive and generally make things worse over time. Thankfully, you don’t have to stay stuck in your struggle with your anxiety anymore! We can teach you key skills to combat worry and improve your emotional confidence in every situation you encounter.

Our program is tailored very specifically for individuals who are maintaining stability in their day-to-day lives but have a significant internal struggle with unwanted, repetitive, and intrusive anxious thoughts and worry.

Anxiety-focused Dialectical Behavior Therapy (A-DBT) is the best collection of coping skills—all in one place—that provides long-lasting relief from the thinking patterns that contribute to anxiety, depression, isolation, and limited quality of life. A-DBT can help you strengthen your ability to handle distress without avoiding life or reacting in ways that undermine your goals and your connection to others.

While DBT was developed originally to support individuals with significant relationship instability and impulsive behaviors, its concepts and tools are also tremendously useful to people who are living with anxiety challenges, including generalized, specific, and social anxiety disorders. A-DBT actually enhances traditional exposure work common in anxiety treatment.

A-DBT can teach you four essential skills to achieve better emotional control and build your emotional confidence:


Distress Tolerance

Distress Tolerance will strengthen your resilience and help you accurately size up and approach, rather than avoid, situations where you feel fearful or uncertain. Over time, you’ll learn the behavior necessary to create new, more comfortable experiences.



Mindfulness will help you feel more present and connected in your life and focus less on intrusive, repetitive thoughts about experiences from the past or anxiety-provoking possibilities in the future. Mindfulness also will help you overcome persistent, negative judgments about yourself, others, and the situations you encounter in life, so you can own and push beyond your fears and doubt to participate in meaningful life experiences.


Emotion Regulation

Emotion Regulation skills will help you accurately identify and describe how you feel and help you modulate your emotions instead of behaving in reactive, impulsive, or avoidant ways to deal with thoughts, feelings, and situations that frighten you or make you uncomfortable.


Interpersonal Effectiveness

Interpersonal Effectiveness will give you the tools to be more assertive, express your authentic feelings and needs, and negotiate effective solutions to problems in life and relationships—especially when experiencing social anxiety or facing challenging reactions and responses from others. These skills also will protect the connection between you and others by reducing the central role that reassurance plays in your interactions.

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