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In response to the COVID pandemic, we’ve expanded our e-therapy services to accommodate the evolving needs of the community.

While social distancing has been critical for combating the virus, it’s also created a barrier to receiving the high-quality mental health services often necessary during a time of remarkable uncertainty and stress. Thankfully, social distancing doesn’t have to delay you from getting the connection, skillful support, and compassionate care you need from our team at Spark Center.

We’ve always been committed to providing the same collaborative, down-to-earth, and personalized support virtually that we provide in person. Our therapists provide effective therapeutic services to existing as well as new clients via our fully-encrypted, easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure online platform.

Research suggests that e-therapy is at least as effective as in-person therapy, and those who participate in e-therapy are also more likely to seek out face-to-face therapy as a result of a positive experience (Jones et al., 2014). Of course, while studies show very promising outcomes for e-therapy, an in-person connection can be vital for successful treatment in some cases. Please feel free to talk with us about the appropriateness of e-therapy for addressing your unique concerns.

Here are a few notable reasons why e-therapy might be the best fit for you:



One of the barriers to therapy you may have confronted is the anticipatory anxiety associated with meeting a new therapist in the office for the first time. Your e-therapy sessions take place in your own familiar, chosen space to make it easier for you to engage consistent therapeutic support.


Flexibility & Convenience

It’s difficult to prioritize therapy when sessions are offered only during limited office hours—taking time off from parenting, work, or school for appointments can present major hurdles to getting help. If you’re juggling a lot of life demands, e-therapy eliminates the time-sucking logistical challenges of arranging daycare, a lengthy commute, traffic, or parking. E-therapy makes it possible to step away and get support during your scheduled breaks or your child’s naptimes, so you can transition back to your commitments conveniently and smoothly.



E-therapy may be especially appealing if you’ve already integrated technology into your life in a consistent and meaningful way, especially if you work from home, travel frequently, or have found e-communication to be an emotionally safer, more private space for sharing deeply personal and sometimes difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences.



If you’re living in a rural or remote community, the nearest therapy office may be many miles away. Or, if you’re living with a chronic illness or disability, you may not be able to drive or easily leave your home. In these cases, e-therapy may better support your independence and represent the most promising and least imposing option for receiving help.



Outside of emergencies that require in-person care or hospitalization, e-therapy may provide the opportunity to schedule invaluable, brief check-ins between sessions to support your stability through remarkably challenging circumstances.



When you’re sick, e-therapy makes it possible for you to get the supportive connection you need (especially when you’re feeling poorly) while reducing disruptions to your momentum, preventing last-minute cancellation fees, and avoiding risk to the health of others.



If our services are in-network with your insurance carrier (i.e., Aetna, Cigna, MHN, Optum/UBH)), e-therapy likely will be covered by your plan once you meet your deductible. We’ll verify your insurance benefits before your first appointment, so you can feel reassured that your sessions are covered.

NOTE: Our licenses permit us to provide e-therapy to clients who are located only in California.

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