Success is the sum of small efforts.

We promote wellness through the healing of the whole self.

At Spark Center, our experience and training has guided us toward a more gentle and holistic approach to addiction services through Harm Reduction Treatment (HRT). We subscribe to a radically client-centered model that does not prescribe or advocate for any particular outcome. We are ardent proponents for treatment being on your terms. While abstinence from substance use or other unhealthy compulsions may be the goal for some people, it should not be regarded as the only option. We believe that choice belongs to you individually.

Our Harm Reduction Principles:


We focus on positive change.


We don’t judge, coerce, discriminate, or require that you stop using substances as a precondition of support.


We accept that you may choose to continue using substances and will help you understand how to do so as safely as possible.


We explore how you can apply harm reduction concepts in moving toward a more fulfilling life by creating a healthier, more secure, and nurturing relationship with yourself and others.


We challenge you (and encourage you to challenge others) to discover actionable insights and wisdom to apply to daily life.

By focusing on unresolved trauma and lack of secure attachment rather than on the negative behaviors that stem from these root causes, we’re able to offer our clients alternative approaches for building healthier relationships with themselves and others. We emphasize the unity of mind and body and work with clients to dispel the notion that mental and physical health are somehow separate.

We integrate into our addiction services the latest epidemiological research that continues to provide ample evidence that stress, loneliness, depression, and other manifestations of unresolved emotional trauma are directly linked to a wide range of diseases, disorders, and other negative health outcomes.

Our approach is facilitative rather than coercive, and we aim to reinforce positive change in people’s lives, no matter how small or incremental that change may be.

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